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SAP Business One is an affordable and easy-to-implement solution designed from the ground up to address the specific needs of emerging and dynamically growing businesses. Providing robust and fully integrated financial and sales management capabilities, the solution gives managers on-demand access to critical real-time information. It's the one solution designed for key decision makers that can help organizations make more profitable decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

STEADFast provides the following SAP Business One services:

  Data Migration
  Maintenance & Support
  Professional Services

The SAP Business One solution offers functionalities to optimize every aspect of a business, from financial accounting to manufacturing and service. It also includes features such as a five-step MRP Wizard that automates material requirements planning, and a Drag & Relate tool that lets users link different pieces of information with a single mouse click.

SAP Business One provides all the tools needed to run a thriving business, including the following:

Support for growth: Provides a CRM system that includes pipeline tracking, opportunity management, support knowledge base, strategic selling, and contact and contract management. It provides a complete view of each customer thereby enhancing critical customer satisfaction levels. With companywide visibility into the sales process, businesses have a more accurate understanding of their customers leading to improved customer relationships. Companies can more effectively control and influence the sales process, capturing greater market share in the process.

Scalability for dynamic business: mySAP Business Suite can be integrated with SAP Business One solutions thereby allowing companies to extend the system as their organization changes and grows.

Comprehensive Financial Expertise: The solution delivers a full financial management system that builds productivity and efficiency through such features as budgeting, support for multiple currencies and bank reconciliation.

Management Controls: Controls are provided enabling companies to streamline operational and managerial processes, including online alerts, sales discount management, exception management, and workflow approvals.

Operation Support: A complete inventory management system including kitting, warehouse management, and multilevel price lists supports new workflow efficiencies throughout an organization.

SAP offers a variety of optional functional extensions to SAP Business One. Some of these are:

Advanced Layout Designer: A modular development tool that is integrated with SAP Business One to in order to enhance functionalities in the areas of print form and layout design, providing more control over the design and appearance of labels.

Payment Engine: The payment engine creates the file formats for electronic payments. Users can access predefined file formats for bank transfer, direct debit etc. The integrated cash & bank functionality allows companies to reconcile and process several bank statement transactions in a single step.

Defining Reports: Point and- click and drag-and-drop features can be used to create reports. Microsoft Excel combined with the integrated business information in SAP Business One enables users to perform complex calculations.

Outlook Integration: Integration with Microsoft Outlook enables SAP Business One to provide seamless communication between organizations and business functions. Users can share contacts, appointments, and tasks between SAP Business One and Outlook.

Business Configuration Sets (BC Sets): An implementation toolset that is used to simplify the creation and maintenance of customized solution packages.

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