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Microsoft .NET framework represents a major step forward for Microsoft developers, encompassing many of the object-oriented design disciplines and managed code innovations that have become popular in e-business application development over the last few years. Consequently, ISHIR has established a special competency center to spread knowledge and promote best practices with Microsoft's new .NET Framework (Asp.NET / Vb.NET / C#.Net etc).

The Microsoft .NET Competency Center is staffed by trained, Microsoft Certified professionals with experienced applications development experience in selected Microsoft development environments. ISHIR has invested in training resources and developing best practices for application development using Microsoft's .NET architecture. STEADFast Technologies Microsoft Competency Center leverages this expertise to enable rapid, error-free application development to solve specific business problems.

The objectives of this team involve:

   Providing technical solutions implementing Microsoft .NET
   Resolving problems faced in applying Microsoft .NET technology
   Establishing a forum for knowledge sharing among developers
   Building competency in chosen Microsoft servers and services
   Developing reusable components that can be used across projects
   Conducting organization-wide training programs in Microsoft technologies


Core: .NET Framework, DNA, COM, COM+
XML Web Services: SOAP, XML
Languages: C#.NET, Visual Basic (VB).NET, ASP.NET
.NET Servers: BizTalk Server, Application Center, Commerce Server, Content Management Server, SharePoint Server
Solutions: B2B Integration, B2C Application Development, Web Services based Application development, Reusable Components, Mobile Solutions

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